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Artificial Intelligence

Speed up on AI knowledge and figure out how it can assist you with driving business value with the curated assortment of insights and reports. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

The discussion about AI is often met with scrutiny and misperception. This is because there is no solid definition for it. AI is a bunch of different technologies cooperating to empower machines to detect, sense, act, and learn with human-like degrees of knowledge.  

Techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) are part of the AI horizon. The popularity of those techniques is at the peak level on its own. But when they are combined with data, analytics, and automation, they can assist organizations with accomplishing the client goal with an optimized and accurate result. 

Categorization on Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Some go considerably further to characterize Artificial Intelligence as “narrow” and “general” AI. Most of the application of AI what we encounter in our daily basis is weak AI. It simply performs the single dedicated task or closely related multiple tasks. To make it simpler, let us understand some of the examples. 

  1. Interaction with the Siri and Alexa. If you suggest Siri play the music, its algorithm plays around with the work as “play” and the music’s name. 
  1. Advanced auto chess games that come up with a computer. 

Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Strong AI is more similar to what you see in science fiction films, where sentient machines imitate human knowledge, thinking deliberately, dynamically, and creatively, with the capacity to deal with a scope of complex tasks. Even though human program strong AI, its outcome in various aspects is better than human beings. That’s why the collaboration between the human and the computer is being more crucial. Strong AI can be considered as just the extensions of the human capabilities but not the actual replacement.  

Why does AI matter? 

3d rendering ai robot think or compute

With the increase in the popularity and scope of AI, it’s anticipation among the general public has also hiked up with the potential to reflect its impact and transformation on business and innovative field.  

Aiding to add the business value 

With the wide advancement and applications of it in various areas, it has been a potential tool to seek business innovation. The various organization enablers had already undergone utilizing it to multiply their business value in less time frame. It had brought the automation on challenging tasks with optimized and accurate result. It had maintained the new threshold on speed, consistency, and scalability to business processes. 

Agility and competitive advantage 

Apart from streamlining the laborious task with high efficiency, AI was widely incorporated to draw out the various conclusions from the data and learn from it. Self-learning and self-optimizing the system had pushed the business to a new level (product recommendation on various e-commerce sites is the prime example).  

AI implementations in Takeo

Data and Analytics 

Takeo perceives any business problem and crafts the best predictive model to achieve valuable and robust insights and boost its business value. 

Enterprise data management 

Takeo facilitates any business to store, move, or integrate the data, perform the analytics on it, and deploy it to the beholder company. 

Search and content analytics 

Takeo brings out the smart solution to impart useful information from various unstructured data. Techniques like search analytics, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Machine Learning (ML) would extract the information.  

Build responsible AI system 

Takeo facilitates to design and to build the AI-based model for any business that is looking for an AI based solution. Example – System recommending the products to their targeted customer based on their past query on the sites. Additionally, Takeo undergoes to embed the voice-based services on any business looking at its feasibility to revolutionize the AI world. 

Benefits of Artificial Engineering 

Optimized results and decision making 

AI had supplemented human intelligence with better predictive analysis to improve the quality, viability, and creativity of representative’s choices for various companies. 

Intelligent recommendations 

The features like self-learning and self-optimizing had helped various eCommerce sites for intelligent recommendations to their customer. The recommendations are made before their past searches and traffic are made on those sites. 

Fast Customer services 

Various large companies had already incorporated chatbot or help desk routing for the hyper-personalization of the customer. Such interaction with the customer had provided high interactions that drive growth and the overall satisfaction with them.