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Building Software Solutions for a Fraction of the Cost

The year 2020 will see a lot of new development brought about by technology advancement. The firms in Accounting, legal practice, retail, and almost every industry out there will see their sales shrink. Startups will have even difficulty competing with the established brand. Nonetheless, one solution to the problem can be to build up a digital presence and use cheap and reliable tech human resources that are often between 50%-90% cheaper than in the United States.

Reliability and affordability are the most important thing of all small businesses, which comprises a whopping 99.9% of all companies in the US.

TakeoTech, a multinational company, works with businesses in the US and, per the client’s requirements, develops scalable and reliable software and data analytics solutions using the best talents in the US and Nepal to solve business problems and improve the digital presence of businesses.

Wait, 50%-90% cheaper?

Yes, with the advent of the internet, a highly technical workforce is now also available in countries with lower per capita. According to Glassdoor, Senior Software Engineer’s average total compensation is $116,937 per year compared to around $18,000 per year in Nepal, which is more than six times cheaper. Cheap and reliable workforce allows TakeoTech to build significant software and web application that costs $50,000 for just $10,000. And for small businesses in their initial phase of digitalization, you could get stunning web application solutions starting at $500.

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Startups struggle to pay for their senior-level engineers because of the high costs. The reality is that a company can get five engineers of the same caliber for the amount that they spend for one person. In some situations, this could be a deciding factor for startup success.

Why Digital Presence?

Declining sales are inevitable in this automation era. The indisputable solution to this problem is first to embrace the digital transformation and automation, and use the new strategies that can solve your business problem.

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Image by Pete Linkforth from Pixabay. Your reach with a significant digital presence.

Digital Presence can not only curb your declining sales, but it can enable you to reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Consumer reach of a company is what differentiates the million-dollar and the hundred million dollar business during, in a close juxtaposition.

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