Artificial Intelligence Insights

Data Analytics Services

AI is just as brilliant as the bits of knowledge that fuel it. We can assist you with opening incredible analytics insights by taking advantage of data you didn’t know you had.  

Explore your data Destiny  

Your business may have collected and stored tons of data that you may not have noticed yet. The unused data from various transactions, associated devices, and other sources may have millions of hidden opportunities to bring the revolution to your business.  

Takeo would adapt to the appropriate talent and advanced technologies to suit the objectives of any company. It is believed that the company adopting data analytics services had helped them to boost the performance and the revenue in a concise span.  

Find how data drives to shape client experiences

Imagine a scenario where you could foresee client behavior to customize and improve their experience. It would be magical, right? Yes, it’s possible with the approach of Experience Analytics.    


The collected data can be utilized to craft the client-centric environment based on their needs and desires. You can push various content and news to delight them programmatically. They have higher chances to follow each of the posts because it was exposed to them as per their interest by performing some analytics on the data.  

Figure out what’s working and what’s not  

The collection of the user’s data is boundless for various corporate companies. This endless collected data could be a huge treasure to refine the marketing strategy of the company. It can help the company figure out the relevancy of their approach to creating engagement with their business. With these, you can perfectly point out either to continue with the same business ideology or needs some amendment on it.  

Connect Customer Touchpoints  

The more you have collected the data, the more precisely you could trace every stage of the buyer’s journey. You can easily distinguish how effective was the company’s advertising policy. It could help to know the consumer’s volume who were connected with the content offers or the email messaging. This helps to know how the company’s products are influencing each consumer.  

Deliver real-time experience  

Real-time data can assist the company by making suggestions to clients or offer advice during their purchase time. It can assist them in advancing advertisements or prevention of those ads looking over the client’s behavior.  

How can Takeo help with data analytics services?  

  • Takeo conveys the industrialized solutions to show a clear next step to operationalize the company.  
  • Takeo performs a detailed audit of the data to highlight the gap and the opportunities of the company.  
  • Takeo implements a strong data visualization technique for excellent insights into the data.  
  • Takeo applies decision science to crack various business disputes.