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Every Takeo graduate is paired with a 1:1 with an experienced Career Coach committed to helping you get hired with high average starting salaries


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What Drives Our Outcome

A complete job search solution to ensure your success after our Bootcamp. These curated activities will propel your career to new heights.

Career Coaching

Individual sessions with a career coach to create an effective job search strategy to secure a job early. Craft your outstanding resume, cover letter, professional LinkedIn profile, and impressive GitHub portfolio with our experts.

AI Prompt Engineering

Collaborate with our experts to craft an appropriate prompt in Leveraging AI and Prompting Engineering to Land a Software Engineer Position. Learn how to use ChatGpt and AI tools to excel in your tech career.

Interview Prep

Learn from our Subject Matter Experts how to excel in technical and behavioral interviews and impress the hiring team.

Mock Interview

5+ Free Mock Interviews to build the confidence you need to crack your real interviews.

Support after Bootcamp

We will be in constant touch for the first month of employment to make sure you’re successful in your first role.

Our Grads Work with the Biggest Companies in
the World

Our graduates work with world’s most innovative tech companies and industry leaders. Discover your next career move.
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Alumni Networks

Takeo boasts of a diverse and accomplished alumni base, some without prior coding experience. Graduates have achieved significant financial growth and secured fulfilling careers, and are eager to share their success stories about the impact of a Takeo education in transforming lives.


AI-Powered - Career Services: Get Hired Sooner than Expected


Career Services Marathon

AI and Prompt Engineering Mini Bootcamp

Interview Prep Mini Bootcamp

Mock Interviews

Support After Bootcamp

Career Services Marathon

We offers comprehensive Career Services, including resume building, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization, and job search strategies. We also provide a specialized Career Services Application to track job search performance and enhance job prospects. A valuable resource for career development.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Career Services and Orientation

Lesson 2

Personal Branding for Coders

Lesson 3

Learn to use CS application to track job applications

Lesson 4

Navigating Career Services at Takeo to Get Hired






Student Success Stories

Learn how our graduates overcame challenges and achieved their dream of becoming what they want in such a short time span with the help of our supportive learning community.

Takeo offers "The Best Bootcamp in the Industry". If you are accepted into Takeo's bootcamp, you will go through a career-transforming experience.


Bharat Pokhrel

Software Engineer

Ford Motor Company

Takeo's bootcamps are very practical and focused towards not just teaching the skills required to do the job but also on securing the job. Career Services after the bootcamp is the best!


Aastha Dhungel

Software Developer


The bootcamp was a life-changing experience, providing me with the tools to pursue my dream career. The hands-on approach, knowledgeable instructors, and comprehensive curriculum made learning to code a breeze.


Smit Shrestha

Sr. Java Microservices Developer


Career Services at Takeo after the bootcamp was remarkable. I was able to secure position within a week after finishing the bootcamp.


Manjil Itani

Full Stack Software Developer

Bank of America

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