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We're happy to provide a selection of scholarship options to anyone wishing to switch careers. Our scholarship programs have inspired a great number of students to pursue their career goals.

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At Takeo, you can choose any scholarship from various scholarship options. We can provide the scholarship for most deserving candidate.

How to Qualify for a Scholarship?

Our goal is to assist and encourage you throughout this process! Begin by registering, and then proceed with the steps to obtain your scholarship.
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Visit this page to apply for a Scholarship. You can apply for a scholarship if you have submitted your application to enroll in a boot camp.
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Once you get accepted and get approved for scholarship, you can begin your bootcamp.

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Who is eligible for the scholarship?


The eligibility criteria for the scholarship for bootcamps may vary depending on the specific program and scholarship being offered. However, in general, eligibility for such scholarships may depend on factors such as financial need, educational background, career goals, and other specific requirements set by the scholarship provider. It is best to check the scholarship information or contact the provider directly to determine the exact eligibility requirements for a particular scholarship program.

Might qualify for more than one scholarship but they can only choose one.It is possible to qualify for more than one scholarship, but typically, scholarship providers have specific rules and regulations regarding the acceptance of multiple scholarships. In some cases, scholarship providers may allow recipients to receive and use multiple scholarships concurrently, while in others, recipients may only receive and use one scholarship at a time. Therefore, it is important to check the rules and regulations of each scholarship provider to determine if receiving multiple scholarships is permissible, and if so, how to go about accepting and using them.

Once accepted, you have to apply for the scholarship. Consult to one of our academic advisors to know more about the scholarship deadline.

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