Takeo has pioneered technology services in New York at half the costs.

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‘0% Margin Initiative’ to Help Businesses Survive the Pandemic

Irving, TX – Emerging software development and data analytics service provider Takeo is pleased to announce its ‘0% Margin Initiative,’ which is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses that are in difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company, which offers digital transformation services that include Microsoft implementation, software development, big data analytics, and machine learning solutions, is providing its services for a fraction of the usual cost.

Blake Ruwali, Takeo’s President and CEO, says that the company is committed to their goal of helping businesses survive the pandemic.

“COVD-19 has taken a terrible toll on so many businesses and we’re in a position to help,” says Ruwali. “We are willing to provide our services at cost, and will take no profit margin for the work that we do.”

Takeo is rapidly gaining a stellar reputation in the industry and has accumulated a solid 5-star rating on a number of platforms. Driven by an innovative community of developers and partners, the company prides itself on its ability to deliver meaningful software solutions.

About the Company

Takeo partners with businesses and enterprises to implement technology and help them solve a variety of challenges related to Microsoft implementation, software development, big data analytics, machine learning, and more.

The company is currently confronting Coronavirus challenges within businesses and focusing their efforts on keeping people healthy and businesses running. During this pandemic, the company is working for 0% profit with its ‘0% Margin Initiative.’