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We value transparency greatly. We want you to walk into a bootcamp with all the knowledge you require because changing careers is a huge decision.

Takeo offers bootcamp in Java Developer Bootcamp, AWS Python Developer, Data Scientist Bootcamp, Data Engineer Bootcamp, Frontend Developer Bootcamp and Software Engineering Bootcamp. Our Software Development courses are available in full-time format only. Our other courses in the near future will be available as part-time courses.

Our bootcamp has a length of 10 to 15 weeks long depending upon the course structure and the rest one month of career coaching. Our classes run from Monday to Friday on weekdays for 8 hours per day for full time and 4 hours a day for part time.

The best way to figure out which course is right for you is to speak to one of our admissions advisors! They can talk to you about your career goals, how much time you want to dedicate to the program, and what financing options are available to figure out which course is the best fit for you.

Bootcamps by Takeo is an interactive, learning mechanism that aims to provide quality technical education and training through an accelerated, intensive training module. Within three and half years, Takeo has helped over 4200 graduates and find their dream job in Tech. We have seasoned instructors with sound qualifications and industry expertise. Our students get various hands-on projects during Bootcamp and 4-months of free career support. 

Yes, we do have bootcamp as part-time. As we are making our course very rigorous and time efficient, we would suggest our students go for the full-time or part-time depending upon your time commitment.

Your typical day or week will depend on whether you are taking full-time courses or looking for part-time soon. Visit our program pages or download our course packets to learn more about the details of each program.

With our instructors and technical mentor, we maintain a 25:1 ratio overall. However, ratios do vary by activity. In lectures, you may have as many as 30 students in a full-time lecture. During weekly office hours, you’ll have access to your instructor with 1 or 2 other students. Online and after hours, you can receive 1:1 support from our technical expert.

Our student support team is always available to assist you if you require extra help. In case you need to retake a course module, we have a retake policy (specific policies may vary by class). Moreover, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we allow students to pause the course temporarily. Although rare, if a student feels that the course is not suitable for them or is not making satisfactory progress, we offer pro-rated refunds up to the midway point of the curriculum.

You will receive a Takeo certificate of completion, depending on the course, your belt titles, or other professional certifications. Not to mention, you’ll join our vast alumni network! You also keep your access to our career services team for life, and a discount off any future courses you may wish to take with us.

To participate in our bootcamp, you'll need to have your own computer that meets the minimum technical specifications, whether it's a laptop or desktop. While we recommend Apple computers for the best experience, Windows machines can also be used with some adjustments. Your computer must have at least macOS 10.15 or newer, or Windows 10 operating system. As the bootcamp is conducted live online, you must also have a webcam and microphone to join the classes. If you need more information on the specific technical requirements for your chosen program, please contact our onboarding specialist.

Many of our students begin our program feeling unsure of their abilities to learn new skills. It's natural to have doubts when you're starting something new. In fact, most of our students (around 70-80%) have no prior coding experience. However, as our curriculum progresses, we see our students gain confidence quickly as they solve real-world problems, build advanced web applications, and start thinking like software developers. By the end of our coding bootcamp, both our students and we are often amazed by the incredible progress they've made in such a short time.

The number of projects and assignments you’ll complete varies by program. Regardless, you will graduate with an impressive portfolio to show prospective employers!


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