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I consent and confirm that I have read the Privacy Policy.

I consent and confirm that I have read the Privacy Policy.

Double the Learning

Double the Discount

You get


Equivalent to $1000+
Your friends get


Equivalent to $1000+
Total Discount of


What if I successfully refer to more than five friends?

We have Great
Discounts For You!

For every successful referral above 5,
You get


Equivalent to $2000+

Your friends get


Equivalent to $1000+

Total discount of


Anything for more than 10?


Rocket Learner Membership (worth $200K+)

Refer 12+ friends successfully,
Gain free access to one Bootcamp every three months for up to three years.
Upskill continuously and exclusively, help friends reach their dreams, and share 5% discounts.
Get Exclusive Rocket Learner Membership!

Will Have A
Positive Impact.

Refer a friend, we donate.


Takeo Donate $50 towards charitable organizations for every successful referral you make.


We have exceeded $10K+ in donations in 2022 and remain committed to our mission of making a positive impact.

What's in the Box?

Enrolling in our bootcamps just got even better
Your friend will also receive a mystery box that will bring a smile to their face when they enroll!

Quick and Easy Way to Refer!


Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend

Fill out the referral application and provide the name, email, and phone number of the person you wish to refer. Don't forget to include your unique Takeo identity number for seamless tracking!


Track and Get Notified
Track and Get Notified

Our team of experts will take it from there and reach out to your referrals with the utmost care and attention. They'll receive personalized guidance to help them succeed.


Reap the Rewards!
Reap the Rewards!

You and your friends will be rewarded with exciting incentives that will make the journey even more fulfilling. Get ready for a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Just share details of the friend you want to refer. We will take care of the rest.

Once your referred friend is placed and completes 90 days of employment, you both become eligible to receive the reward.

You help your friend find a successful career. You and your friend both get rewarded. You contribute to charity for every successful referral.

You get discounts on your payable fees as a reward. Your rewards will be instantly deducted from your payable fees.

You can make as many referrals as you want.

You must make maximum referrals in a calendar year to get to the next Tier. The level you gain in this period will stay intact.

You can search your inbox with your referCode. You can also contact our referral and partnership team and quickly get status updates on your referrals.

No, you cannot refer somebody who has already applied.

No, any individual who wants to refer a friend may participate.

Your friend will receive the mystery box while getting onboarded at Takeo.

The discount depends on your fees. The factors that include your fees could include market fluctuations, regulatory changes, economic conditions, or other relevant considerations. So, we would suggest that you consider this amount as an estimate or indicative figure.

Get in touch with our Partnership Team now. Email: Phone: +13326007902

Want to know more?

Connect with our Referral and Partnership team now to understand and utilize your opportunities to get rewarded and get into a partnership for preferred referrers.
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